Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stressful Weekend

Was supposed to get the test results at the end of last week....obvioulsy I didn't get them. So all weekend I was stressed out, trying to decide whether to take that leap of faith and accept to travel without receiving the test results.  I just really don't know what to do. 
I've decided (at least at this moment this is my decision) that if I do not receive the rest results by the end of THIS week, then I am going to accept to travel and pray for the very best. Please keep me in your prayers, I need all I can get! Thanks so much for everyone who supports me and who is reading this.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tests Sent to Me?

After many responses from the Yahoo Russian adoption message board, they suggested I ask for the test results to be sent to me so I could have my doctor interpret them because they can't find a doctor there to do it. I asked and as expected the answer was no.  I didn't think they would send them but I had to try.
My rep said the orphanage knows how anxious I am and they hope to have the tests read by the end of this week and the answers sent to me. Based on past experience, IF they do get them read by the end of the week, I won't get the answers until the beginning of next week.

I am debating on a huge issue. If they cannot find someone to read the tests this week, I am thinking of traveling anyway.  I am nervous to wait too much longer for fear of losing this referral. However, I cannot financially afford to make another unsuccessful trip. Oh what to do??? People say to sleep on it, which I have been doing for the past two weeks, but actually not getting much sleep because my mind is spinning with all these thoughts.  So more prayers and looking for a sign :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Reading Test Results

Heard from adoption rep today.  They took the additional medical tests but now can't find anyone to read the results. What?!?!?  Just another reminder how far behind the Russian healthcare system is compared to the US.  So now my concern is that IF they find someone to read the results, how accurate will those readings actually be?  Uuummmm.....another leap of faith over the bump in the road.  Still debating how long I should wait for them to get the results read, or just go ahead and accept to travel to see him. Not sure what to do.  God, an answer, a sign, anything please :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Give me results already

I am officially annoyed and frustrated!  I have been waiting for THREE WEEKS to get the medical test results and I am tired of waiting.  Yes I know I need to be more patient but I just want to move forward, whether it is accepting to travel for this little boy, or not accept and wait for another child to become available.  I keep looking at his photo and thinking that I am missing more and more time with my potential son and it's bumming me out.
My US adoption coordinator said she would be talking to the Russian coordinator this weekend. She was going to go to the orphanage and see what she could find out. I hope they tell her something.
So, that means that I might have some sort of answer on Monday, but then again, I thought that two past Mondays in a row and every day after that, with no answer.
I am trying to stay strong, positive and hopeful but it's getting more and more difficult as each day passes by VERY slowly.  So here's to being hopeful that I will have some news on Monday.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Answers Today? Nope.

Well I've been driving myself crazy waiting for the additional medical information on the little boy referral.  My adoption agency rep was on vacation last week but said she was still talking to the rep in country and checking her emails.  I didn't hear a thing last week so I was SO sure I would here something today. Nope, she's still on vacation today, I called her again, she's going to kill me :)  Her voicemail message said she'd be in the office tomorrow so I am thinking I should definitely get some news tomorrow.  But then I've been thinking that for a week and a half now!  Sooooo......tomorrow could be the day I decide if I'm traveling again to Russia to meet my potential child for the first time!!!! YIKES!  I'm so excited and pray he's the one I'm meant to bring into my family.  Stay tuned with your fingers crossed and prayers on your lips.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lost mind...official!

Ok I have officially lost my mind!  I STILL don't have any news on the additional medical information requested and I am getting annoyed at waiting.  Yes I know, many many many other people wait years so I need to be patient but it's driving me crazy!  I am trying to not get too excited but as each day passes, I'm getting more excited, telling more people and making plans for the future with this little boy.  My adoption coordinator here is probably ready to shoot me I keep emailing her :)
Well, again, I HOPE to hear something tomorrow and PRAY it's good news!!!

I really need to get busy investigating day cares. I have a lead on a good one that already has adoptive children they care for.  A friend of mine that I played volleyball with, adopted a little girl from China, she takes her there and gave me the info.  I'm going to call tomorrow and see if I can visit the facility Friday and check it out. I know there's a waiting list and am not sure what the cost is, but I have to get moving and looking around at what options there are near me.  I'm sure I'm going to have "sticker shock" at day care costs but unless I win the lottery, I'll be going back to work.

Well if I get news tomorrow, I'll definitely post it :)