Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gazillion Email Checks

I checked my email today a gazillion times looking for the medical test results!
I was cautious before, forcing myself to not get too excited about this little boy referral. But the longer I have to wait, the more excited I am getting.  I pray it all works out this time.  I really want the final test results by the end of this week and hope they look good.  My sister and her family are visiting from Florida this weekend, the whole family will be together, so I would love to tell everyone then. Fingers are crossed!
~ Amy

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Medical Info Evaluation

I finally got the contradictory medical information verified on my little boy referral. So I sent it off right away to the IA doctor for review and hope to hear back tomorrow.  I then had to send a notarized letter to the Russian Dept. of Education Director to request an extension on the time to respond to them.  I just wish they would provide ALL the detailed medical information on the child up front.  It is so stressful anyway and then to have to continually ask for all the information over and over is just added stress.  But that's how it is so I just need to be patient and focused on the end result.

They are going to do two additional tests on the boy at the end of the month, (hello, that's like now right?) so they tell me. I would like to have those results before I make my final decision to travel or not but am not sure they will give them to me. In either case, I will know this week whether I will be traveling to see this little boy. I am excited but reserved because I am scared the same thing will happen again. I can't afford to waste money on another trip to Russia that is not successful, but more importantly, it is so emotional declining a child and I don't want to go through that again.  God willing, this is the child for me!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pins and Needles

I received the second set of information on my third referral, the answers to the questions I sent.  Well the information I received was contradictory with the first set of information, enough so, that we aren't sure if the answer to my questions are for the same child.  So after my international adoption doctor reviewed what information we did get that was consistent, she provided a few more questions and developmental milestones for me to ask them. So off that email went to Russia on Saturday and I am waiting for their response.  I hope I get their answer this week so I can make the decision as to whether to travel to see this child or not.
The adoption process is bumpy, emotionally exhausting but I know it will be worth it in the end!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Third Referral

Well I received my third referral last week and have been doing alot of legwork on the medical backgrounds.  They gave me a small amount of information but said that based on my last experience with the other two referrals, I could send a list of questions. So I made my list of questions, sent it off, waited 4 days and received the answers. I promptly sent all this to my independent international adoption doctor in St. Louis for evaluation.  I spoke with her last night and funny thing, the issues that I was concerned about she wasn't because of how Russia names their medical conditions. Then the things I wasn't overly concerned about, she was. There were also some discrepancies in the information they gave me. So I made another list of questions and also a list of developmental milestones the doctor gave me, to see if they will provide the answers. So based on what they provide, I may be traveling to Russia again soon. 

I am getting frustrated with this whole process but understand this is the way it runs and I have to have patience and endurance.  I just don't want to turn down another child but I also know I cannot bring home a child that I am not equipped to raise appropriately.  I keep praying for a healthy child!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tennessee Child Returned

So I get home from Russia on April 3rd and the following week, April 13th, the sky fell!
I'm sure most of you heard how a woman from Tennessee, who had adopted a 7 yr. old boy, was having some issues with him and decided to return him to Russia, on a plane, by himself.  Even though I have read alot about that story, I have not spoken to the woman so I am not here to judge or state anything as fact.  Her decision had a HUGE rippling effect through the adoption community and yes I was one of the very angry ones. This caused adoptions between Russia and the US to slow down, they did NOT stop like the good 'ol reliable (yes I say that sarcastically) US news media stated.  Some Russian regions did however slow down in providing referrals until it was determined between the two countries what agreement they could come to to ensure this situation did not happen again.

One statement made about this returned child was that the adoptive mother said that Russia "lied to her" and did not reveal all of the child's medical history.  I can sit here and personally and honestly state that is a very real possibility because it happened to me.  But I am NOT saying anything is right or wrong about the story and what actions were taken. Personally I do feel there was a better solution to the mother's situation than to put him on a plane back to Russia.

So as the countries were in discussions, the adoption community flooded the representatives of the US Department of State (which handles the foreign adoption agreements) with concerns, pleas and petitions to allow the adoptions to continue. I personally also added in my email that the US request Russia to provide ALL the medical information on the child to the prospective adoptive parents. This will help eleviate the Tenneessee woman's situation from happening again where a parent(s) brings home a child with a condition unknown that they are not capable of handling.  There are numerous people out there, many of which I have chatted with on the adoption message boards, that request special needs children.  They are those types of angels, disguised as parents, that are capable and willing to provide the love, support and meet the additional requirements that a special needs child has.  People that request a child "as healthy as possible" are not being selfish, they simply know what they can emotionally, physically and financially handle and should still be commended for opening their hearts and homes to a "left sided angel." 

So we were told that the US and Russia should have an agreement signed by mid-June.  Then we will be told what other requirements and/or paperwork we will need to continue with the adoptions.  Throughout this time however, there were still referrals being given,, court dates completed and children being brought home to their "forever families." So I wait with hope that my next referral will come soon and will be the child that is meant for me. I was hoping to have this all completed by this August because that is when my paperwork expires. I will then have to resubmit it which will cost more money.  Money, money, money.....too bad everything typically comes down to money and how much I don't have :)  But I must stay positive and not be selfish because many parents have waited years so I need to be patient.  Prayers are welcome!