Thursday, July 28, 2011

Doctors, Doctors, Doctors

I feel like I've been to a doctor's office every day this past week. I haven't really, but it feels like it, maybe because the appointments went so long, and they're doubled up, because both Christian and I are going.
After my "episode" a few weeks ago, and after four days of tests, I got a "all's clear" from my cardiologist. Of course that's contingent on keeping my stress level down....yeah right! But I am thankful it wasn't anything "medical" that would have required any procedures or medication.  So I have been taking it easy at home, when I can, being a bit of a bum. Christian and I just play all the time, and when he goes to bed, is when I do the laundry, dishes and if there is time, I get to read some.

I received my pre-ordered FBI thriller book last Friday and I've managed to finish it already!  It was so good, I hated to see it come to an end, but it was nice to be able to sit and read again :)  I'm happy that Christian is picking up my love of reading. We read about 4-5 books every night and he loves it!

I am running out of ideas of what to do in the house, because we can't get outside due to the extreme heat lately.  The evenings are easy to keep us occupied but the weekend is here, so I'm racking my brain.  We have to have a "no cost" weekend, so I might break out the art stuff again. I do have play-doh that we haven't used yet so we may do that.  I'm just a little anal about play-doh, I don't like when the colors get all mixed up and end up being that ugly gray color.  It's not like I can't buy more, I guess I'm just regressing from when I was little. Once we mixed up all the colors and had nothing but a huge mass of gray goo, that was it, we didn't get any more for like a year.  At least I don't have to worry about him eating it, he's past that, "let's put everything in my mouth to see what it is and tastes like" phase.  So I've just convinced myself, play-doh it will be this weekend.

Christian had his follow-up 6 month appointment yesterday.  The doctor didn't get to us until an hour and forty minutes past our appointment time. It was quite the challenge keeping Christian entertained, out of the cabinets and drawers, not playing with the computer, not jumping off the exam table.....  He was wound up!
Then when the doctor came in, Christian decided that was the time to "sing" very loudly.  Nothing I did or said would quiet him down and I was getting annoyed as well as was embarrassed that I couldn't get him to zip it!  Our pediatrician is the best ever and she told me that she has four kids at home and can talk over them so if it's no big deal to me, we'll keep talking over him. So that's what we did. 

The last appointment three months ago, his blood work had some concerns that came up. We changed his diet, gave him iron drops and a few other things for three months and we were back to see how that went.  The doctor and I talked about some other things too, so we ended up having more bloodwork done.  Now I do NOT like having my blood drawn AT ALL, so I completely sympathize with Christian when he freaked out crying when they came at him with the needle. He's strong and the tech and I couldn't hold him still, so she had to call in reinforcements. Between the three of us, we managed to get the blood work done and by this time it was 6:15 pm.  We were both exhausted, me from trying to corral him and him from the blood work freak out.  When we got home, after supper, we both just sat on the sofa, read a few books and both went to bed early.

To my relief, the doctor called me with his test results and it all came back good.  His iron level is still low, so we're addressing that, but the other issues had are fine now. ~deep sigh here~  We got a referral for a specialist for something else and I managed to get an appointment set up today for that, which was great.
So August is full of appointments, and if all goes well, the rest of the year should be smooth sailing. At least until October when we go back for another round of immunization shots.  These insurance office co-pays are killing me! I hope I hit the deductible soon!!!

So I should know either tomorrow or Monday if I have a stress fracture in my foot or not......THAT'S another story for another night.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eventful Sunday

Well there weren't any pews in church that dead ended against the wall this morning. It should be an unspoken rule that people leave those spaces empty for parents with kids so they can keep them captured. Christian made it part way up the center aisle during mass this morning.  He was giving me his "I'm being an adorable little shit right now" look, while my eyes are boring into his, lips tightly pursed, non-verbally telling him he better get his hiney back into our pew this second. He hesitated, took another step and his guardian angel stepped him to save his bacon and he turned and came back into the pew. I'm not sure when the last time was that I heard the entire mass. I'm sure God understands :)

With this unbearable hot weather we've been having lately, the kids haven't been able to be outside as much as school. I looked up on the internet any public access indoor play places for toddlers and found "Monkey Joe's".  So off we went, and let me tell you, I wish I as a kid again, this place is incredible! It only cost $5 for him and we got matching wrist bands for security purposes.  It has a two story high ceiling, and is filled with HUGE inflated jumping, climbing and sliding structures.  They were tagged for the different age groups but Christian was daring to try them all except for two. It was posted as "extreme difficulty level", so I wouldn't let him go on those and they went to the ceiling, had steep rockwall type of climbing steps and steep slides....he would have gotten stuck in there, I'm sure.  He did SO good on the all the other units.  There was this two story slide that had two slides on the sides and a ladder ramp up the middle.  He was slow going up the ramp, and at times causing a backup of the line of kids, but he made it to the top. He sat down and sailed down the slide, with no fear, and boy was he moving fast!  He tumbled into a ball at the bottom and flopped onto the floor.  I was worried he was scared but by the time I got to him, he had jumped up, laughing and ran to the ladder to go again. He must have gone down this thing two dozen times!  This place is a gold mine to work on his large motor skills and he was having the time of his life! I got alot on video....YAY!

When it was time to leave, I almost had to sit on top of him to get his shoes back on.  Anyone would have thought I was stealing a kid but the way he was yelling and arcing to get out of my arms. If it wasn't for the security wrist bands, I'm sure I would have been calling a friend for bail money!  After tackling him to get him buckled into his car seat, he calmed down about five minutes later and was almost asleep in another five minutes. He played SO hard and had SO much fun!  It looked like alot of fun to me and I wanted to go on the units but it was posted everywhere, I do mean everywhere, that adults were not allowed on the units. Rats!  Probably a good thing, I don't bounce like I used to and would have probably seriously injured myself :)  I'm sure he'll sleep good tonight.......

Friday, July 22, 2011

Police Car

My brother-in-law, Larry, is a police officer.  Christian see's him in the police car and is entralled with it, and I'm sure when he turns on the lights and sets off the siren for him to see, has nothing to do with his excitement about police cars :) Now everytime he sees ANY police car, he says, "police car, Uncle Larry, ride." I have to explain every time that isn't Uncle Larry but he has a car like that one.  The last time we were at their house, Uncle Larry took us for a ride around the block and turned on the lights when he drove away after he dropped us back off at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Christian absolutely loved it!

So a couple of days ago, we stopped at the Quick Trip gas station to get milk. After I chased him behind the counter and pulled him out, we headed to the car only to see a police car was now parked by ours, with the officer still sitting inside. Christian immediately started up his chant, "police car, Uncle Larry, ride." I had to explain, again, that is wasn't Uncle Larry and he couldn't ride in this car. He got upset, kept repeating his phrase, louder and louder. The officer in the car could hear him and looked up when Christian reached for the door handle. I said very loudly, so the officer could hear me, that this wasn't Uncle Larry's police car. The officer did hear me and responded by smiling at us, which actually made things worse because Christian took that smile to mean he could have a ride.  I had to practically lay on him to keep him in his car seat so I could buckle him in, he was arching so much to get back out. So all the way home I heard the chant over and over mixed with yelling and then tears.  I managed to distract him by telling him we had to make sure to take Elmo into the house or he would get sick in the hot car.  Every morning he takes Elmo to school with him but I make him leave Elmo in the car.  Christian insists that I buckle up Elmo too, so adorable! So by the time I got Elmo unbuckled, he was calm and all was well.

I had to go out of town for the day for work on Wednesday so Mom and Dad came to help me out. My flight was supposed to leave at 7:20 am and school doesn't open until 7:00. So Mom and Dad came on Tuesday evening so they could take Christian to school Wednesday morning for me. The flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours which meant we wouldn't have enough time for our meetings so we had to take the later flight. Thankfully my parents were able to stay the day and pick him up from school.  They had a good time together! He was asleep when I got home and the next morning all he could talk about was Grandma and Grandpa. I am so happy he has made a connection with them!

Tonight I decided to give Christian an incentive to do the whole potty training thing. He likes to sit on it but it's AFTER I change his diaper. I try to talk him into sitting for a few minutes throughout the day, when he usually goes, but he adamantly tells me, "Noooo!"  I don't want to push him because I've been told that will make it worse and lengthen the process. So tonight I thought I had a brilliant idea and showed him some "big boy underwear" with cars on them and told him he gets to wear these when he goes on the potty. Boy did that backfire! He wanted to wear them NOW, I mean NOW!.  I kept trying to explain he couldn't until he went on the potty because it would make a mess otherwise. He wasn't buying it and the tantrum and crying began. UGH!  Dumb idea!  In my warped mind I thought he might get excited and want to sit on the potty. Got that one wrong.  I'm thinking about putting them on him tomorrow and letting him "go" in them so he feels what it's like and maybe that will prompt some action. I'll have to keep an eagle eye on him so he doesn't sit on the sofa or something!  Uuummmmm, decisions, decisions.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

So was this weekend hot enough for you or what???  Too much for this gal. While Christian was at school Friday afternoon, I got to spend time with my girlfriends lounging by a pool...ok so most of the time I was under an umbrella so I didn't get sunburned to a crisp. But I still had a nice time just relaxing...sigh.
Then two of the teachers have a "Parent's Night Out" on Fridays every so often. They watch the kids from 7:00-midnight, they come in their pj's, play games and have a slumber party.  Christian went for the first time on Friday and had a blast!  Plus I got to go to a movie with my girlfriends. I haven't seen a movie in about a year, I love big screen movies, so it was such a treat for me.  I picked him up around 10:15 and he went right to sleep when we got home. I was worried that if I woke him up to get him home, he wouldn't go back to sleep for awhile, but he was wiped out, they played so much!

Saturday we got up early and headed to the park before it got too hot.  Boy did it get hot!!!  Once it got unbearable (at least for me) we headed home to color and play. Later in the afternoon we headed back outside to play in the sprinkler. Now he loves to play in the sprinkler at school and they tell me he spends the whole time in there and is the last one to get out.  So I thought this would be big fun for him.  Setting up the sprinkler was a bit of a production for me. I had to first find the sprinkler in the basement, then turn the water on. Then headed outside to attach the sprinkler which took a bit because the threads were a bit rusty, but with a little force and a little begging, it came together. Then I turned on the spicket, rolled the hose out into the yard and we had a sprinkler in action. Christian played in it for maybe one minute and said he was done! I stood there with my mouth open, still sweating from my exertions to get it all together, in disbelief that he was done already.  I promptly told him he wasn't done playing and coaxed him back in....which lasted maybe two more minutes then he was off to ride his little car.  I was a bit miffed because I wanted to witness his "excitement and laughter" as he played in the sprinkler like he does at school.

So I turned off the water, sat on the steps, (in the shade of course) while he rode his car.  This lasted about eight minutes, then he decided he wanted to play in the sprinkler again. I jumped up from the steps in excitement, turned on the water and went with him to the sprinkle zone. Again, it lasted about three minutes then back to the car he went. The heat made me grumpy as well as my disappointment that I obviously wasn't going to see his water excitement, so I announced "if I turn it off this time, it's done, I'm not turning it back on." He says all cheery,"ok!"  Grrr......

Guess what happened ten minutes later??? Yep, he wanted to play in the sprinkler again. I figured maybe third time's the charm, so I turned it back on, for three minutes and then I was REALLY done this time. The water went off, we went inside, and stripped out of the swimsuit. It was fun, those brief moments in the sprinkler, but we will be doing it again, so I'm sure I'll catch that precious moment of Christian laughing and jumping in the sprinkler, in all his innocence and not a worry in the world, like I remember doing as a child.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Allergies and Time

My allergies are dragging me down lately. I am wiped out by 7:00 p.m. and have to force myself to get the dishes done, laundry done, etc.  I like to try to go for a walk after work with Christian but my allergies haven't been cooperating, but then again, it's been SO hot too that it would have been miserable.  But Christian gets outside every day at daycare/school, unless it's actually raining, so that's wonderful.
This entry will be short because I have a border line migraine, had to leave work early even.  I popped some Tylenol, so hopefully it will kick in soon and then I'm off to bed.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


We had some more "firsts" this weekend.  Friday evening we drove to see my nephew, Christian's cousin, race his Pro Crate Late Model car. Christian did pretty good, watched the cars go around, and looked so cute with his ear muffs on to protect his ears from the loud noise.  He got restless at one point because he wanted to RIDE in the cars :)  He didn't understand why he couldn't and got fussy, but some genius had installed a playset, and off  we went to burn off some energy. 

He got daring and started going fast down this slide that had humps on it.  At first I was catching him at the bottom because his feet would hit and his body would flip him on his belly and he didnt' like it, plus I didn't want a bloody nose.  But as he got more and more wound up, and following cousin Abigail, he got more daring.  I would help him up the ladder and he would run to the slide and barrel down it before I could get around to catch him. He would zip down and fall on his belly, roll over laughing, bounce up and run for the slide to do it all over again, and again, and again......  There was a rope ladder thing that he HAD to climb up because Abigial did. So I was helping him up, he wanted down, so I set down, turned to step away from the ladder. My foot was caught in the bottom rope which I didn't know, so when I stepped, I tripped and fell lfat on my stomach, literally....embarrassing.  Abigail is on top asking if I'm ok in between laughs. Thank God I didn't break anything, I don't bounce like I used too :)

We say Kolby race twice, and my Dad, who was at the race with my sister (Kolby's mom), rode back with me, which was great, because I was so tired by now.  We got to my parents house just after midnight, and after dragging our bags inside and getting ready for bed, I fell asleep around 1:00 a.m. Thank goodness Christian was tired too and slept in until 7:30 !

Saturday mid-morning we headed out to Beth's house (my sister) and went for a swim in her pool. Christian has never been in a "big" pool, he pool experience only extending to the little blue plastic one I bought from Walmart.  He was SO excited!  So in I go and then bring him in to hold in my arms.  We walk around, twirl around and he likes it but "wanted down".  He had on a floaty life vest type of thing that is float things sewn into a shirt. So I let him go a little, but still held onto the tops of his arms. He kept pushing me saying he wanted to walk.  He didn't understand it was deep and he wasn't going to be able to touch the bottom or walk.  After he finally understood that, he relaxed and did good.  He stood on the deck and jumped to me which he loved!  Then we set him on a raft, let him throw weighted rings into the water, and Abigail went and got them.  When Beth turned on the filter, he was bouncing with excitement and pushing me to go over and see what that noise was. He is such a curious little guy, which is great. So he observed the filter for awhile and then was ready for some more deck jumping.  He did SO good in the water and had a blast!

Later that evening we went back to Beth's house and they let him sit in Kolby's race car. His grin stretched from ear to ear, he was so happy and thought he was a big boy. He wanted to go for a ride but we distracted him and told him he could go sit on the tractor. So off we went to sit on the tractor and then off to investigate whatever else we came across.  It reminded me so much of my childhood, we when would go to my Grandpa's farm and wander and investigate and be gone for hours.  Great memories.  I hope I am providing and can provide great memories for him too.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Deep Sigh

Well one weight has been lifted off my shoulders and another one added. I guess that's just life right?
The fall term of preschool had an opening for Christian so he could continue where he is and you all know how much I LOVE this daycare/preschool.  But there was one catch, it was only for four days a week, not Wednesdays, because they were full.  So I went ahead and told them I wanted the fall term and would have to find another place for just Wednesdays.  Well the fall term is fast approaching and I thought the other day, I better get moving on finding a place because time was flying by. So I started putting feelers out and was getting very nervous about finding a place.  I sent an email to the preschool to confirm we had the fall spot.  She then told me that things had changed and she had the whole week available for him!!!  YAY!!!!!  A weight lifted :)

Now for the other weight being dropped. Things around the house have decided to break down all at the same time and as you would know it, they are the expensive things.  And here I was thinking, silly me, that I would start looking into the possibility of getting a smart phone. Not now. It could always be worse so I'm going to stop complaining about it now.

Christian has a sinus infection but you can't tell it by his mood, he's his normal busy funny self.  He's had a runny nose for awhile due to allergies but the "stuff" went from yellow to green today. So off the Urgent Care to confirm he has a sinus infection. Mommy is so smart :)  He was everywhere and into everything in the exam room!  They really should make those rooms childproof.  Off to Walgreens to fill the scrip and he turned into a crazy man, I have no idea what happened.  He was pulling things off the shelves, wanting everything he saw, went from talking loud to yelling to loudly crying.  I went up and down every aisle trying to distract him only to make a pass by the check out window for them to tell me that the Urgent Care had prescribed an antibiotic that wasn't covered by insurance.  So they were calling them to get it changed, blah, blah, blah. What this meant for me was more strolling up and down the aisles spreading the sounds of a screaming crying child throughout the store for not just one area to enjoy, but for all the occupants of the store to enjoy.  I was mortified, mad, tired and everything I tried only made it worse.  I went to the window to tell them that I would be back later and they said it would only be two more minutes.  LIARS!

It was 10 minutes later and pure agony.  A lady tried to help calm him down and then a little old man tried to distract Christian by showing him his cane, offered him his eye glasses, etc. He was so cute but Christian wasn't falling for it.  Finally our name is called, the gal checks us out at the speed of lightning and out the door we go and you just know what happened next. Yep, he calmed right down.  Can anyone tell me what is up
with that???  So home to dinner, bath and bed which went reasonably well based on the earlier experience.

I am tired and will be going to bed early to dream about winning the lottery to pay for my broken down house stuff. Come on number 5, my powerball number!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I decided to give the fireworks a try this year. I wasn't going to because I was sure he would be afraid, but then I changed my mind. So off to a small park near our house we went on Saturday evening. I checked the website and it said the fireworks were going to be set off at 8:30 p.m. That seemed a little early to me, but it was on the website so it must be correct, right? Wrong. 

We got to the area at 8:15 and parked in an almost empty lot of a business right across the street from the park. That empty lot should have been my first clue. I loaded up the stroller and headed across the street and kept looking back where the fireworks would be in the sky to calculate how far I needed to go. I didn't want to get down right into the thick of things in the crowd and also not too far from the car in case Christian REALLY had issues with the fireworks and we needed to get out of there quickly.

While I while doing my scouting, I realized the grassy landscape area right by our car would be perfect. So back we go to the car, load the stroller back in and cop a squat on the grass. I spread out our blanket and was smart enough to pack a few toys for him while we waited. Good thing I was thinking because that wait turned out to be an hour.  We fought off the bugs as we watched the parking lot fill up and more and more people walk past us down to the park.  We did have a good spot because the fire house was right across the street so Christian was entertained by the fire engine, ambulance and fire chief's SUV coming and going with their lights on.  Every once in a while he would turn to me and say, "come on," meaning he wanted the fireworks to start.  He sounded just like me, how I say, "come on", and it reminds me that I need to be diligent about what I say, how I say it and my tone, because his little ears pick up everything!

The fireworks started and he scrambled into my lap, but he wasn't afraid, only curious. I had told him before they started that there would be a bang and then colored lights in the sky. I was hoping that would prepare him a little and maybe it did, because he wasn't afraid at all. He even gave the customary "oo's and ahh's" that everyone does while watching fireworks.  We actually did have a great parking spot because we got right out onto the road, and out of the area really fast which was great because by now it was 10:00 and we were both tired.  The heat zapped us and he was asleep by the time we got home.

I was so happy and happy for him that he enjoyed the fireworks.  We could hear people in our neighborhood setting some off and he wanted to get out of bed and kept saying, "see, see".  But after only a few minutes of singing "Twinkle, Twinkle," he was asleep.  A wonderful first fireworks for us both :)