Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Play

Well the weather this weekend wasn't great but we did our best to still have fun.
We made our own puzzles!  I stopped at ArtMart and while browsing, found plain white 10 piece kids puzzles that you draw/paint yourself.  I bought three and we had fun using the markers to create our Picassos and then putting them together.

We managed to exhaust the playdoh with handbuilding, cookie cutters, a doh press and stencils. This time we managed to keep more on the table than the floor :) This was followed by a trek around the neighborhood by way of scooter. He's learning which was is right, left and straight, slow but sure.

We made two trips to the park, one on Saturday and one Sunday.  Saturday the playground was full and as usual some parents were not watching their kids and they were crazy. Christian managed to come away unscathed this time, which was a relief to me.  On the way to the car, he did body rolls down the big hill.  I showed him the steepest area, he plopped down and off he went.  As he turned over and over and I got glimpes of his face, I could tell he was concerned about how fast he was rolling. I started hooting and hollering, "yahoo, yay, how fun!"  He stopped in a patch of tall grass, looked a little disoriented as he stood up and looked at me. I yelled, "Yahoo, how fun, that was great!" He broke into a run up the hill with a huge smile on his face, asking if he could go again :)

We had a "match game" card tournament, which ended in a tie, followed by a marathon book reading session.  He's finally down for the night (at least I hope so) and I get to finish the laundry.  I'm sorry to see Monday and work come so soon.  One more play day, with sun, would be great :)



  1. Aren't weekends the greatest?--no matter what the weather.
    Have been catching up on your last posts. Christian is doing so well. Love that wanting hugs phase and I hope it last a long time for you. Hannah went through a phase where she would dash in and want a quick hug too at many times through the day and I always loved it. She still likes hugs but not quite so random now.
    It sounds like he is actually doing really well with speech--just keep him sticking his tongue out and he will do great!!

  2. How's everything going Amy? We haven't heard from you in a while and hope you guys are doing well. We look forward to hearing from you soon.