Thursday, April 12, 2012

Allergies...gggrrrrrr! Easter Egg Hunts

  I hate allergies!  Christian and I BOTH have blocked sinuses and are miserable.
I have tried three different over the counter allergy medicines, and none of them are helping.  But Christian has it worse, there aren't any medicines you can give a 3 yr old.  We're going through tissues at record pace and I can't seem to drink enough water.

On the up side, we had a great Easter :) Christian had fun playing with his cousins and Aunts. He was Uncle Bob's shadow when they were in the barn and he even played with Millie, the little dog. This is HUGE because just four months or so ago, he was scared to death of the little thing, although I don't blame him because she's one of those little dogs that jumps all over you.

We went to the fire departments egg hunt in the park.  They divided the kids into age groups and had areas roped off, which was good because the older kids would have mowed over the little ones. Christian's age group was 0-3 and there were about a dozen kids.  The fire truck sounded off the siren to mark the start of the hunt.  Christian took off like a flash and ran half way up, while the other kids starting picking up eggs right at their feet.  I was thinking, 'smart kid', when the delayed reaction hit him.  He turned around, saw all the kids running toward him, with their parents following close behind, and he burst into tears.  He told me that the siren scared him, I felt so bad for him.  Really loud sounds scare him, but the siren didn't last long and it was over in about 3 seconds. After a few hugs and redirecting him toward the eggs, he was off again snatching them up.  We went back to Grandma and Grandpa's to investigate our stash.

The hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's went great.  Christian dashed around the yard shouting, "there's another one!"  We had alot more eggs than I realized and the hunt was taking a long time.  He started walking and looking for them.  A bird landed close to an egg and I told him he better hurry and get it or the bird will fly away with the egg.  He raced over, grabbed the egg and scolded the bird.  Then he was looking for more eggs and keeping an eye on the sky looking for more birds.  A few flew by (high up) and he would shout, "Oh!" and snatch up another egg.  He had a blast!

Now I have a bucket FULL of candy that I cannot seem to stay away from.  Every evening I tell myself that I'm going to take it to work, but I haven't managed to get it there yet. I am, at this very moment, indulging on a Reeses mini egg...yum!


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