Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sitter Search

I've been looking for some babysitters lately and decided, upon a recommendation from a friend, to check out the SitterCity website.  I received several replies and have interviewed two young ladies.
The first one was adorable, sweet, kind and seemed like she'd be a great sitter.  I decided to try her out this afternoon when I went to a baby shower.

She arrived on time and played with him for the three hours I was gone.  Christian has been sick but has been feeling fine the last several days and this morning was fine. However, something wasn't "fine" because he threw up.  They were on the swing and he upchucked, at least he didn't get any on her!  She cleaned him up, got new clothes and off they went to play again.  Great, just great. I find a sitter that seems good and the first time out Christian throws up.....sigh.  Only time will tell if she'll sit for us again :)

The second young lady I interviewed drove me nuts and I actually had a hard time ending the interview.  She told me SO much about herself, situations, future plans, on and on and on.  She didn't ask a single question about Christian. I had to cut her off multiple times to tell her what I needed from a sitter, how often, details and she would launch in about herself again. She was "nice" but, I guess the best word is, distracted. When Christian meets new people, sometimes his anxiety comes out in overstimulated play, which is what happened during this interview. He kept climbing on my lap, trying to get my attention and wanting to tickle wrestle.....being a normal 3 yr. old.  The sitter proceeded to reprimand him!  I was shocked, and yes, annoyed.  Then as I was trying to wrap it up, again, for the umpteen time, she asked what time it was and then said her friend was having a birthday party in a few minutes. I told her we were done so I wouldn't keep her and she proceeded to get her phone and text her friend. Then she texted her boyfriend and then read his response to me.  HELLO!!!!  This interview is over, get the hell out of my house already.  I finally stood up, opened the door, told her "thank you, I'll let you know."  She stood in the door and talked more.  I slowly closed the door, easing her out and told her we had to eat dinner, have fun at the party, have a good weekend, I have more sitters to interview so I'll let you know.  She finally left, what a mess.  Obviously she's marked off the list.

Christian has been talking about wanting to go on a train ride.  So we're going to ride the Metrolink light rail tomorrow for a little bit. He's so excited!  Now I have to look up the routes so I don't get us lost :)


  1. How rude of her to tell him what to do - she is a complete stranger! So glad you got to see the real her, instead of acting one way and doing something else. People are crazy! It is really, really hard to find wonderful sitters - so good luck with all of that. I know kids who are very active in their high school church youth groups are usually very excited to sit and they are super responsible. Maybe someone from your church could help you meet some nice kids. At least then you would see them at church and get to know their parents. Sounds like you got a good one!


  2. Wow!! Wouldn't trust that one with my child either!! As a nanny for the past 8 years, it's AMAZING what I see some sitters do instead of the child being their top priority. Makes me SOO MAD! Too bad you live several states away =(.